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Stabiliser Cattle North Wales


The Stabiliser herd at Llanychan Farms near Ruthin in North Wales was established when a Multiplier contract  was agreed with the Stabiliser Cattle Company in 2000. The objective was to produce the ideal Suckler Cow.

The Stabiliser concept is the crossing of four breeds of cattle, Red Angus, Hereford, Simental and Gelbvieh, to produce a beef breeding cow with the required traits including hybrid vigour. Composit cattle breeding has been the basis of beef breeding in USA for over 30 years.

The decision to go Stabiliser was taken after a visit to the Leachman Cattle Co of Colorado in 1999 and has proved to be sound and profitable.

Our Stabilisers have been graded up from Hereford and Salers cows to full pedigree status with the following qualities:

  • Easy calving, very seldom assisted.
  • A medium sized cow with low maintenance.
  • Small calves that grow quickly.
  • Very docile, easy to handle.
  • Very fertile, both male and female, few barrens.
  • 80% females calve within 4 weeks.
  • Shorter gestation period
  • Heifers calve at two years of age.
  • Lower production costs, more profit.
  • Hybrid Vigour.
  • Low depreciation,10 or more calves per cow.
  • Low keep cost, cows fed silage and straw only.



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